Facilities & Progress

Free of cost education is provided by the College. Outstation students are given free fooding and lodging facility in the college hostel. Additional facilities are provided to the deserving students. Students can also borrow course books from the college. Successful students with good result are also rewarded with scholarships.

There had been a library from the very beginning of the college but without a proper building. With cooperation of the people and the government, two halls, four rooms having six verandas for the library were constructed where the books have been transferred. Expansion work on the books collection is in progress.

In addition to the old hostel, a new hostel building, a dining hall and five rooms have been constructed. A building named Haidery Hostel (Darul Aqama ) is built for the families of nine teachers. Further, four rooms have been constructed for the teaching of computer, English and science.

A two story beautiful mosque was constructed on the campus with cooperation of the family of Late Mohd Ali Mohd Jafar of Canada.

* There is a provision of water supply in every part of the Institution.
* Expansion and reconstruction of the old hall is under progress.
* Buildings adjacent to the college have been purchased for future constructions.