Courses Offered

Basic education, including Hindi and English, is of 9 years and is related to Madrasa Nazmia. Higher education is of 10 years, and is under Jamia-e-Nazmia. It includes Persian and Arabic education imparted, as per the Arabic and Persian Board of UP Government, under Nazmia Arabic College.

In the lower classes, mark sheets and certificates are issued. Diploma and Degrees are awarded under Munshi, Maulvi, Kamil, Alim, Qabil, Fazil, and Mumtazul-Afazil.

Syllabus is the combination of the experiences of past and present learned ulamas with modern touches, which includes, Aqaid, Diniyaat, Qurn, Urdu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Arabic, Persian, Mantiq, Philosophy, Hait, Urooz, Kalam, Ma-ani-wa-Bayan, History, Tafseer, Hadees wa Usool-e-Hadees, Fiqh wa Usool-e-Fiqh. Computer education is also imparted according to the present requirement and will be extended in near future. There is also a scheme to modernise the education of junior classes so that the boys and girls can lead their life successfully along with the religious knowledge.